* 2015
Tabačka Kulturfabrik is a unique cultural center and an open zone for art, creativity and cooperation in Kosice. 
Premises of a former tobacco factory at Gorky Street today offers 2500 m2 which include contemporary art, concerts,
theater, film club, education, cooperation, and also high-quality daily cafeteria and other services. 
( Tabačka Kulturfabrik, 2015 )
Photography by PETER UHRÍN
,,Whole design is based on enviroment friendly materials and also reused objects finded in east Slovakia organizations. In some points design reflect present principles of retransformation of  historical buildings, but what in this project was interesting is that building is national technical monument, which had to be taken into account at every stage of the project.''
Special Thanks to all cooworkers and volunters as:
Dávid Hutira & Peter Radkoff
Martin Mulík, Tibor Nagy, Ingrid Kepková, Martina Jaselská, Martina Uličianska, Ondrej Ujheli, Botond Varádi, Richard Kiss
Richard Janešík, Viera Zubalová, Samuel Velebný, Nikoleta Paksiová, Peter Komjaty, Viktor Ujco, Lucia Papcová, Zsolt Bocsarský
Milan Mižišin

Technical support:
Miroslav Tunkel, František Gábor , Agnesa Mižišinova
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