office desk
In my work I deal with design for housing from the position of residential area as a workplace. The proposals I have focused on the transformation of optical illusion in the elementary polygonal construction, which enhances the illusion and then it deepens. In particular, the tendency to apply dynamising element in space characterizing bustle workplace. The purpose of the work, but in today’s menu lacks spatial dynamics.
Therefore, my attempt to bring these elements into the concept of the desk was paramount. In the beginning my steps went in the direction of application specific optical space division describing the optical surface rendering. However, for intensifying the impression there was a acting with shape. Working with basic geometric elements and the subsequent transformation in 3D computer interface to allow the distribution of the basic cubic element in a network of several line items and surfaces. Transfer of these elements in the horizontal and vertical axis module was to be edited into a desired shape. Tracing I have been striving for building construction, describing the disposition of the building and to meet the needs of working.
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